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SEO and Online Reputation Management

Search Engine Optimisation and Online Reputation Management.
This article argues the benefits of a search engine optimisation projects that augment and strengthens. 
Seo Synovation an innovative web and search marketing agency operating in Europe, recently conducted a poll among their clients on the subject of their concerns on online reputation management. "The results were rather surprising for us “said Vincent Sandford, the CEO of the agency. “One of the surprising factors was the goal to protect their online reputation in 2012”.
In today’s online environment it's so easy to destroy a good online reputation. The growth of social network in all international markets makes the products of multi-national manufacturers a prime target to discredit. Negatives comments generated in the English language out of Australia, for example, can spread and find their way into the local arena thereby damaging the reptutions of local businesses. This is especially true with Google's objective to return to visitors the best search results from their query. Bad reviews always seem to appear higher above normal results even though the page rank of the review is PR 1 or PR zero well below your particular website PR. 
Prior to 2009, most chief executive officers, managing directors, chief information and Information Technology managers were aware of the implications of bad reviews but seldom took action to defend against them as those poor reviews or actions were not hurting profits so badly. Today in the New World concerns are different: social media networks grow, tweets hit global users and defending their positive reputation is now being addressed.
Vincent Sandford goes on to say “their concerns were focused upon creating a security blanket to prevent negative comments appearing amongst their normal search engine results.” They said " attack is the best form of defense and being proactive  is more effective than reactive measures".

The techniques of defending your online reputation are engrained in search engine optimisation (SEO) tactics. The objectives of an SEO project is to achieve higher search engine ranking for websites that target audience by being more relevant and competent than their competitors.  The steps of SEO hugely benefit the websites.

The steps of SEO in the search algorithms hugely benefit your online reputation due to the fact that it creates a security blanket.  As the Search engine optimisation efforts begin to achieve higher ranking they have the tendency to pushdown other entries using the same queriy search terms - positive o negatives. entries lose ranking.
The framework of SEO involves:
  • Keyword Research and Content Creation
  • Website Architecture and Optimisation of On-Page Elements
  • Useability and Design
  • Link development.

An element of protecting your online reputation is achieved by initiating a SEO project,namely:
  • selecting keywords
  • research competitors keywords
  • combining keywords
  • creation of content using keywords
  • optimising your on page element
  • engaging in social networks
  • creating a link building platform
The process is summarised here:

 To fully exploit the benefits of a SEO project website owners need to supplement their efforts with more rigorous promotional activity and engagement with the social media community.  In summary you should follow these paramenters:

the conclusion is simple: engage an innovative search marketing agency to optimise you website and by consequence create a defensive strategy against negative comments.

This post was written by Vincent Sandford of SEO Syynovation an innovative search marketing agency in Europe. specialising in managing the online reputations of small to medium sized business.

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