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Driving the Right Traffic to Your Website is the Key To Success

The purpose of this article is to illustrate the difference between website traffic versus targeted traffic and provides tips on web design and web marketing. It is often manifested that lower volumes of traffic in uncompetitive markets have higher conversion rates than in higher traffic markets. Less is more in some circumstances if you focus your marketing on targeted traffic and excellent webpage design. You'll quickly appreciate that the hits your getting on your website they'll be potential customers and, more importantly, convert to sales.

Driving Traffic To Your Website

Driving traffic to your website traffic is the single most important factor when it comes to the success of a website but what kind of traffic do you need: traffic that converts to sales and income. Although it's true that a constant stream of traffic is the lifeblood of a website, the quality of the traffic is far more important than the quantity.

Getting Traffic

The success of any website depends upon getting the right traffic and getting visitors that are looking for the products or information you have available on your site. The most common ways to drive traffic to your website and promote your product or service are:
1. SEO. Optimise existing website and website pages with keywords or keyword phrases that users are searching the web with.
2. Guest Blogging. Participate in blogs to positively promote the brand
3. Social Networking. Engage in social networks to positively promote the product or service.
4. Video Marketing. Create a video to promote your services on YouTube.
5. Informational Marketing. Create presentations and post them on Slideshare.
6. Image/ Info graphic Marketing. Create images and post them on image sharing website like Flicjkr to promote the product.
7. Article Marketing. Write articles detailing the performance of the product.
8. Link Building. Create linking strategy and obtain links to increase visibility of product and brand
9. Public Relations Marketing. Create press releases to increase visibility of product and brand and decrease the effects of negative comments.
10. Blogging. Engage bloggers to promote your product or services.

It’s exciting seeing high volumes of traffic getting to your website but if your visitors are looking for something other than what you are offering, for the most part, your website traffic is not reaching the business goals.

Prerequisites to Targeted Traffic

It’s not only necessary having a great website design, compelling copy, the lowest prices and fantastic special offers but all your efforts will be useless unless your website is drawing traffic that is interested in buying from you.

What you need are visitors specifically interested in your product or service -- you need targeted traffic. Before you start promoting your website using the ten most commons ways of getting traffic you should learn about the inhibitors to increasing conversions.

Inhibitors to Increase Conversions.

Moments of disorientation (two or three seconds) where users need to know where they are and have they clicked on the right website. You tell them by providing a title, description, heading and sub-heading that satisfies their need.

Moments of conversation (one or two seconds) where users need to know the benefits what can I do on this page. You tell them with calls to actions – contact us by email or subscribe to our newsletter.

Moments of Exchange (two or three seconds) where users are looking for the benfits of your product or service. You tell them by provided a bullt points list of benefits.

Objectives of Your Webpage

Most successful websites are tightly focused on their niche market and their marketing tactics are focused on driving people to their site that are looking for what they offer – that’s the power of targeted traffic.
The objective of the home page is NOT to get visitors to it but to get visitors through it to visit the inner pages of a website. There are three categories of objectives of a home page:

a. The primary object of the home page is to meet the key performance indicators of the business. These are generally long term and connected to the business model and marketing plan.

b. The major objectives of a home page are just as important but are not primary. They are usually long term in nature and may or may not be connected to the business plan.

c. Minor objectives of a home page are those which are functions of the website – site navigation, legal disclaimers etc.

Web pages need to be designed to fulfil each objective.

Tips for Targeted Traffic

Here are a few tips to help you prepare your website for targeted traffic:

a. Design your website to promote one particular product or service as your main item.

b. Determine the type of audience that will be interested in your product or service and adjust your website to be attractive to them. Insert keywords phrases in appropriated places.

c. Establish the items or services that are related to what you're promoting on your website. provide and or offer link building exchange facility to benefit a fuller user experience.

d. Offer free content to engage the visitor. Provide a stream of content, that your visitors will find useful, on your website and add new content and information often. Email strategy will invite your visitors back to your site to see the new material you're constantly adding.

e. Keep in mind, a website that's focused on a particular niche item or service lends itself to targeted traffic simply because there is something specific to target and the more targeted traffic your site receives, the more productive your site will be.

f. There are only three ways to increase business:
  • Get more customers. Follow tips a – e and 1 -10 above
  • Get customers to but more often from you. On first visit get their email address by offering something valuable they want.
  • Get customers to increase the average sale value at time of purchasing. At point of sale offer discounted value items. Say ,for examples, others also have bought this product and offer it at a discount.
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